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Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE

Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE

How Curtain Walls Can Help Improved Buildings

Curtain walls are seen to be an important part of the design of buildings that have high architectural standards. In a nutshell, conventional systems (like brick and mortar) are not able to restrict interior climates and are also more expensive in nature. The defining feature of this system is the reinforced glass that can be used to create a visually appealing structure. These units are built on site by erecting special steel beams and channels, which are filled with concrete.

Ways in Which Curtain Walls Help To Improve Buildings

Buildings which utilize the curtain wall system are being built all over the world. This is due to the flexibility in design that curtain walls bring, a system of hardware which is air and water resistant, energy efficient in nature and ensures that the interior spaces can be as safe and functional as possible. Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE have made these systems popular since they offer:-

  1. Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest pain points in the construction industry is achieving energy efficiency in buildings. Curtain walls can increase energy efficiency in multiple ways. They improve the thermal performance of a building by providing better insulation, reducing heat loss and increasing energy efficiency.

They also reduce the use of heating and cooling systems by providing natural daylighting and ventilation while blocking unwanted solar radiation.

Finally, they improve occupant comfort through better control over indoor temperature and humidity levels. Quality curtain walls from Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE can provide improved insulation and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a building.

  1. Sound Insulation

Another benefit of curtain walls is their ability to reduce noise pollution in buildings. Glass windows are built with reinforced safety frames that keep them sturdy even when exposed to heavy winds and storms.

They also have double-glazed panels that allow for better insulation against external weather conditions such as rain, snow and heat fluctuations during summer months. The double glass panes also protect against noise pollution throughout the year so you can enjoy your favorite music without having to crank up the volume just so you can hear it clearly over outside noise pollution from people walking by or traffic outside your home or apartment complex.

Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE construct these systems with different materials that will help to reduce the amount of noise passing through the wall. Some of these materials include:

  • Double glazing – This is a type of glass that has two panes and an air gap between them. This helps to reduce noise from outside getting in.
  • Acoustic panels – These are other types of materials that can be installed on the exterior of a wall to help reduce sound from outside getting in. The material may be metal or concrete depending on what type of building you have and what type of insulation you want.
  1. Aesthetics

Curtain walls are made from glass or metal panels that have a smooth surface. They can be used on their own or in combination with other materials such as brick and concrete. When they are used in combination with other materials, they help increase the aesthetic appeal of your building while also making it more functional.

The glass offers protection against weather conditions while ensuring natural lighting in different areas of your home or office. The metal panels can also be colored to match your preferences so that it blends well with other elements on your property like paving stones or flower beds for instance.

In addition to aesthetics, curtain walls also add value to your property by increasing its curb appeal which makes it easier for potential buyers to notice when they drive past your property during open house events or when they are looking through listings online for offices in their area that they want to rent someday soon. Install curtain walls from Leading  Aluminium and glass companies in UAE to increase the physical appeal of your buildings.

  1. Safety and Security

A curtain wall provides safety by eliminating blind spots at corners and stairways where criminals could hide as they enter your building. It also helps keep people from falling through windows or walking too close to them during storms or earthquakes. The glass also provides privacy while allowing natural light into the building.

If your business has large windows along its exterior walls, it’s important that they have protective features such as shatterproof glass that will hold up in case of an accident or disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane. With this type of protection in place at all times, you can rest assured knowing that everyone inside is safe.

  1. UV protection

Curtain walls offer additional UV protection because they’re made of tempered glass that blocks harmful rays from reaching inside the home or office building where they could cause damage to furnishings and artwork over time as well as cause skin problems for anyone who spends any length of time indoors on a regular basis if left unprotected by adequate window coverings or blinds/shades that would otherwise provide such protection were they not installed.

Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE like GMI design curtain walls with the aim to improve climate control by providing thermal insulation and controlling solar heat gain. This is achieved through a combination of glazing system features (such as low-e coatings), architectural design (such as building form), and shading devices such as overhangs and vertical fins. 

  1. Durability

Curtain walls are often made with glass, which is a durable material. Glass can last for decades, so it’s a good choice for curtain walls that need to stand up to extreme weather conditions. For example, if you install a curtain wall on a building that’s exposed to wind or rain, the glass will help protect it against damage.

  1. Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Galaxy Metal Industries has been one of the Metal and steel companies in UAE for years now. We supply curtain walls in different shapes and sizes depending on their usage and the design requirement of the client. Curtain walls are easy to install, which means that contractors can work on them efficiently.

The panels can be installed quickly and easily, making the overall process quicker than with other types of construction. Being able to quickly install curtain walls also reduces maintenance costs. This is because the panels do not need to be replaced often, so there is no need for constant repairs or replacements.

Types of Curtain Wall From Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE

There are different types of curtain walls available in the market. These include:

1) Aluminum curtain wall – This type of curtain wall is made from aluminum and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be custom-made to suit your needs, especially if you want a large area covered with glass windows. However, this type of curtain wall costs more than other types because it requires skilled labor to install it properly for maximum protection against heat, moisture and cold air flow away from your home or office building.

2) Glass curtain walls – This type of curtain wall is another popular choice for any residential or commercial projects because it’s easy to install and maintain as well as being affordable compared to other types of curtain walls available today in the market. You can easily find these kinds of glass curtains at any hardware store near you or online too as long as there are no damages on them since they are sold individually not as pairings which makes them even cheaper.

Use Curtain Walls In Your Modern Architectural Design To Save Money   (h3 tag)

What is obvious from the above article is that architects are inspired to create ever-better buildings, using curtain walling as a way of solving modern design problems. Some have truly added value to their designs, and many have been rewarded for their efforts because of this. By adding a touch of complexity, it becomes possible to carve out space for better views, in addition to creating a more interesting facade.

Glass and aluminium curtain walls from Galaxy Metal Industries LLC can be made of different materials and designs but one way or another they all function in the same manner. Contact one of the best Leading Curtain wall companies in UAE on on call: +971 4 560 9200 or email: and collaborate with skilled R&D professionals GMI to have customised curtain walls designed and manufactured for you.