The Best Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

Serving UAE clients with unparalleled quality products and services for over a decade, we have grown into a leading supplier and provider of high-end laser cutting services in Dubai. Galaxy Metal Industries LLC uses state-of-the-art computer numeric control (CNC) laser machines to cut metal, steel and aluminum into any shape or design that customers demand. Our team of professionals is well versed with latest technologies and trends in the market to offer you the best possible solution for your business needs.

Our expert team is highly skilled at performing any type of CNC laser cutting work on metals such as Aluminium, Steel, Brass etc., along with other materials like plastic, acrylic etc. We work on both small and large scale projects depending upon your requirements.

We provide precision metal laser cutting services in Dubai, UAE with multiple customization options to choose from such as hole drilling, contour cutting etc., so that you receive what your project calls for. We also offer Fiber Laser Cutting, Tube Laser Cutting, Glass Laser Cutting, Metal Sheet Laser Cutting, Metal Plate Laser cutting and Wood Laser cutting.

CNC Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

This service is used for precision cutting steel sheets, aluminum sheets and other materials which are highly durable but also light weight. Since this process uses a computer-controlled laser beam, it can be used to cut intricate designs into any material without causing any damage to its surface or structure. CNC (computer numerical control) machines are used for carrying out this process which makes it possible for us to carry out accurate cuts even on large sheets of material without causing any damage or wear on them.

Why Choose GMI Laser Cutting Services in Dubai?

1. High-power Laser Cutting Technology

Our laser cutting technology is the most advanced in the industry. We use a high-power 40-watt CO2 laser which allows us to cut through almost any material including wood, leather, acrylic and more. The laser beam is able to penetrate materials up to 5mm thick, making it highly effective on even the most intricate designs.
Our machines are also equipped with an autofocus system which helps us ensure that every cut is made correctly and consistently. With the most advanced laser cutting machines in the market, we offer you the best quality of service when it comes to laser cutting. Our expert technicians have been trained in harnessing these machines to deliver high-quality results each time you place an order with us.

2. Expertise in Laser Cutting Steel And Aluminium

We know that these two materials require a different approach when it comes to laser cutting services in Dubai. We have expert technicians who are familiar with all types of lasers, including industrial strength ones that can cut through steel and aluminium without any problem whatsoever. Our team members will work according to your specifications so that you get exactly what you need at all times.

No compromise on quality. We have also worked with different architects and designers who require customised designs for their projects so that they can stand out from other buildings within the city or even from other cities around the world.

3. Over A Decade of Experience in Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

We offer a wide variety of laser cutting services in Dubai, UAE. From manual and semi-automatic cutting services for all kinds of materials like metal, steel to fully automated laser cutting services. For years, we have gained an advantage over other competitors because we provide customers with better cutting quality and precision which results in high accuracy cutting services for small to large projects.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

Laser cutting is one of the most advanced manufacturing processes available today. This process has been in use for decades, but it has only recently become more affordable and available to small businesses. The benefits of experienced Metal and steel companies in UAE in laser cutting include:

Accurate and precise cutting: Laser cutting services in Dubai allows you to create precise cuts that are not possible with other manufacturing processes. Laser cutters are capable of producing cuts that are accurate within 0.1 mm, which means that your parts will fit together perfectly.

Fast processing time: Laser cutting services in Dubai eliminates the need for punching, drilling or sawing metal sheets or parts. Instead, you simply feed metal sheets through a laser cutter and watch as the machine does all the work for you. Laser cutters can handle large volumes of parts quickly, which means that your production line will be able to produce more parts per day than ever before possible with other methods of manufacturing metal products such as stamping or forming techniques.

Cuts any shape: This can be done with great precision and accuracy in the shortest amount of time. It finishes with no ragged edges and leaves no burn marks or burrs on the material surface.

No heat affected zone (HAZ): This means that no thermal distortion occurs to the base material when laser cutting, which is not possible with traditional techniques such as oxy-fuel cutting or waterjet cutting due to their high heat generation during operation.

High-quality cut-edge finish: Laser cutting services in Dubai produce edges with high precision and quality finish that cannot be achieved using manual techniques such as using saws or blades. The result is clean cuts without chipping or cracking which improves the overall quality of your products.

Significantly lower cost: The main advantage of laser cutting is that it offers significant savings as compared to other subtractive cutting methods. The high power lasers allow for faster material removal with minimal heat created by the process. This results in lower machine maintenance costs and longer tool life. Moreover, there is no need for additional post processing steps such as grinding or sanding which results in further cost reduction.

No additional post processing: Unlike traditional techniques such as milling or turning which require multiple operations and machines to produce finished parts, laser cutting services in Dubai produce parts directly from raw materials without any additional post processing work required. This makes the process extremely efficient and cost effective as there are fewer steps involved in producing finished products.

Masters in Refined Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

Laser cutting services in Dubai are commonly used in industries like manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, automotive and many more industries where they need precise cuts with accuracy and precision. As one of the Leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE, we provide our clients with top notch sheet metal laser cutting services at competitive prices. Our team at Galaxy Metal Industries LLC is well-versed with laser cutting technology and we can help you make your product stand out from its competitors. Contact us to get a quote!