Leading aluminium and glass companies in UAE

Leading aluminium and glass companies in UAE

Latest Aluminium and Glass Trends in Dubai’s Architectural Design

The design of aluminum & glass is one of the most important sectors that has contributed a lot in the progress of architectural design. Aluminium and glass for building materials and construction industry should be followed by great accuracy due to its durability, flexibility, strength and modernity. All those factors contribute to making a remarkable difference in the modern house design in order to achieve energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability.


High-rise buildings, hotels, and even entire suburbs are springing up left right and center. The latest architectural trend coming out of Dubai is the widespread use of aluminium and glass in building designs. Here’s a list of materials and services that are offered by leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE to help explain the phenomenon.


  1. Aluminium Curtain Walls

The aluminum curtain wall is made from anodized aluminum panels that are joined together by glazing systems. They are available in various colors, shapes and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. These panels have excellent strength characteristics and they can withstand heavy loads without any problems. They are resistant to corrosion and can be used for exterior applications as well as interior applications.


The aluminum curtain wall has many advantages over other materials such as concrete or glass because they provide protection from the weather and allow light to filter through. This is especially important in places like Dubai, where there is little natural light and temperatures can reach up to 50°C (122°F).


Leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE design, manufacture and install curtain walls for buildings that require a lot of natural light, such as offices, hospitals and schools. They also require less maintenance when compared with other materials like concrete or glass because they don’t require regular cleaning or repainting every few years.


  1. ACP Cladding On The Exterior

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a lightweight material with high thermal performance that provides excellent durability, aesthetics and energy efficiency. ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai has been used in many projects across the UAE, with many more planned for the future.


ACP is a versatile material that can be used on both interior and exterior applications on both residential and commercial buildings such as hotels, malls, offices and hospitals.These panels are made from clear, opal or bronze glass, which makes them ideal for modern designs. It is available at GMI in different finishes such as stone-effect and wood-effect, and can be applied to create a wide range of designs including traditional and contemporary patterns.


The material has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Low weight and high strength.
  • High thermal efficiency, making it suitable for areas with high temperatures.
  • The panels can be easily cut to size and require little maintenance.
  • They are available in different finishes and colours.
  • They are resistant to corrosion and degradation from ultraviolet light.


  1. Perforated Metal Sheets

Perforated metal sheets are a unique and contemporary design trend. They have been used to create the illusion of depth, texture and movement in architecture. The perforated metal sheets can be used on the exterior or interior of a building. This can be done by installing them on the façade as cladding or using them as structural elements to create an interesting visual effect. The perforated metal sheet can also be used for flooring, ceilings, partitions or walls.


The perforated metal sheet is made from aluminium or steel with holes punched through it. The size and spacing of the holes depend on the desired aesthetic effect that you want to achieve with your design project. Reach out to a skilled perforated sheet manufacturer in UAE to have custom-made sheets for residential and commercial buildings, as well as public spaces such as airports and shopping malls.


  1. Steel & Glass Canopies

Steel and glass canopies have been a popular choice for architectural designs in Dubai. The use of these canopy designs has increased significantly in the last few years, especially with the rise of shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings. However, there are many more uses for these canopies than just being a part of the architecture.


Steel and glass canopies provide shade from sunlight, rain and other elements that may affect the interior environment of a building. They also provide aesthetic appeal to the overall structure.


Glass canopies are often used as part of an outdoor landscape design to protect people from harsh weather conditions and provide privacy while still allowing light into the area below them.


There are many benefits to choosing Leading aluminium and glass companies in UAE to manufacturer steel and glass canopy designs over other materials like wood or aluminium because they are stronger and more durable than most other materials available today. Steel is also very versatile, which means that you can use it for almost any type of application – whether it’s for residential or commercial use – without having to worry about it breaking down any time soon!


  1. Facades on The Exterior of Buildings or Structures

They are designed to give buildings or structures a certain look and feel, and also to protect them from the elements. Facades can be made from many materials, but aluminium and glass are increasingly being used in modern architecture.


Aluminium is a very versatile material that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. It is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions. Aluminium is also a lightweight material, so it is easy to transport and handle during installation.


Glass has been used for centuries as building materials because of its strength, durability and transparency. Glass facades from quintessential facade companies in UAE are popular because they allow light into otherwise dark buildings, which enhances the sense of space within these buildings. Some people also prefer glass over other types of facade because it provides unobstructed views of their surroundings.


Aluminium is an excellent choice for facades because it does not corrode like steel or rust like iron does when exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and salt spray caused by sea winds; therefore aluminium has become an ideal material for constructing buildings in coastal areas where there is a constant threat of corrosion due to seawater spray.


  1. Glass Balustrade For Staircases and Balconies

The use of glass balustrade for staircases, balconies and terraces is increasing rapidly in Dubai because it has many advantages over traditional wooden railings. This gives a very contemporary feel to any building that can be used in both residential and commercial projects.


The main advantage of using glass balustrades is that they are easy to maintain and clean. They also provide a great view of your surroundings, which makes it more enjoyable to use these spaces. The glass panels can be made from a range of different materials such as toughened glass, laminated glass or even clear acrylic sheets.


Leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE use these as an excellent way to increase the level of light in your home or office as well as giving you an opportunity to enjoy the view from your balcony or patio area whilst still having some privacy from passersby below.


Aluminium handrails are another popular choice for indoor and outdoor stairs. They’re easy to maintain and come with a variety of design options. Aluminium handrails come in different sizes, shapes and colours that can complement your existing decor by adding an elegant touch without compromising on function.


  1. Internal Glass Partitions For Offices and Institutions

The internal glass partition is becoming a popular choice for offices and institutions. This type of partition is usually made from glass panels, which are fixed in place by metal frames. The glass can be tinted or clear and can be used to create a cubicle-style office environment for privacy or open plan for collaboration.


The internal glass partitions can be used in all types of buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, retail outlets, etc. They are an excellent way to divide up large open spaces into smaller work areas without losing natural light.


A recent trend in architectural design is to have a transparent wall running through the centre of an office or institution. Leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE ensure you get a feeling of openness while still providing privacy for employees working at different locations within the building.


  1. Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum louvers are a common feature of contemporary architecture. They are used to control the flow of light and air into a structure, and they can be used to block direct sunlight from entering a building. The aluminum louvers can be installed vertically or horizontally on the exterior of a building, and they are often placed in an alternating pattern to create a more dynamic look.


Aluminum louvers come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize them for your specific project needs. They can be painted or anodized, which makes them more resistant to corrosion than other types of metal louvers.


Another great feature of aluminum louvers is their durability. They are lightweight so they won’t weigh down your window frames or cause them to sag over time like heavy curtains or drapes might do. They also won’t fade over time like some fabrics do when exposed to sunlight over time.


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Recently Aluminium and glass is set to be a trend in architectural design within the next few years. As you can see, the region’s endless opportunities for growth have opened doors for architects and designers to explore different ways of approaching architectural design. GMI is one of the Leading Aluminium and glass companies in UAE that accommodates these trends by offering the best services in the industry with a focus on energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, aesthetics appeal and eco-friendly materials.