ACP Composite Panels Cladding in Dubai

ACP Composite Panels Cladding Dubai

ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai have been gaining popularity as a construction material in recent years. This material is made up of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core material, and is used in a wide range of applications such as building facades, signage, and interior design.


Defining Aluminum Composite Panels

They are constructed of two thin metal skins with a sandwich core that is often made of expanded foam, phenolic foam, or cellular glass. The cores are combined in a liquid adhesive to create a coreless panel that is flexible and easy to install.

Advantages of ACP Composite Panels Cladding in Dubai

  • Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

ACPs have an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio which gives them an edge over traditional materials such as concrete or glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP). This means that they are lighter than most other materials which make them easier to transport and install. In addition, this makes them more cost-effective when compared to traditional concrete panels or bricks because you don’t need as much labor to carry out the installation process or move heavy materials around during construction work. This makes it ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings, as well as for many other applications.


  • Increased rigidity

Because ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai are so light, they can be installed easily on uneven surfaces. They also provide increased rigidity, which helps to prevent warping or bending from wind or temperature changes over time. The stability of ACP walls contributes to its ability to withstand natural disasters. This makes them very durable and long lasting compared to other construction materials such as wood or steel. It also makes them suitable for commercial buildings where high levels of structural stability are required by law.


  • Simple forming techniques

ACP sheets can be formed using a variety of simple tools, including metal-cutting shears, saws and manual or automated press brakes. This makes them ideal for custom fabrication projects where quick turnaround is required. Additionally, ACPs can be formed into complex shapes without the need for molds or expensive equipment.


  • Rapid installation

Metal and steel companies in UAE offer ACP cladding that comes ready-made in standard sizes with pre-drilled holes for fasteners — all you need is some construction adhesive and screws or nails to hold it together. This means that once your project is designed, you can order all the necessary parts from one supplier and have them shipped directly to your site for immediate installation. ACP products require little or no special tools or equipment to install. They can be attached directly to walls with nails or screws and do not require any additional adhesives or sealants during installation. This makes them ideal for use in situations where time is limited and budget is tight.


  • Low-maintenance

Compared to other claddings, ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai is a low-maintenance product that does not need much care or maintenance since it does not rot or warp like wood. It also does not require painting or sealing since it itself acts as a sealant against moisture penetration from the outside environment due to its aluminium substrate.


  • Resulting appearance

The resulting appearance of ACP cladding can be customized by leading signage companies in UAE according to your needs by choosing from various colors and textures for the exterior finish, which means you can have any look you want for your house without having to worry about maintenance costs or material damage down the line.


  • Aluminium composite panels (ACP) are resistant to extreme weather conditions;

such as heat and cold which helps them last longer than other traditional construction materials like brick or stone which tend to crack under extreme temperatures. This makes them an ideal choice for areas like Dubai where temperatures tend to fluctuate drastically throughout the year, especially during summer when temperatures can rise up to 50°C.


  • Results in the reduced completion time of a project

When it comes to building materials, aluminum composite panels are perhaps one of the most versatile and innovative systems available. ACPs have been used in construction as far back as the 1960s, and they continue to be a popular choice for architects and builders today due to their unique properties and benefits. For example, aluminum composite panels are extremely durable, lightweight and easy to install. In addition, they provide an attractive finish that can be customized by leading curtain wall companies in UAE to suit any application or design aesthetic. This makes these panels perfect for both residential and commercial projects alike.


  • Durable

ACPs are also more durable than conventional building materials such as lumber or concrete blocks. They are made of a high-density polyethylene material that is designed to last for years. The backing is made of glass and the front is made of a polyester or PVC material. These panels are perfect for commercial and residential use and come in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs.


  • Pollution, acid, alkali and salt resistant

ACP composite panel cladding in Dubai do not require painting or staining as they have an inherent protective coating that protects them from corrosion or other forms of damage caused by weathering factors such as pollution, acid rain or even salt spray from ocean air currents. The use of ACP also removes the need for mortar joints which reduces maintenance costs further down the line as there will be fewer areas where water can penetrate the wall system.


  • Fire resistant

The panels are designed to protect the building from fire. The panels have a high thermal conductivity, which ensure that the heat is quickly dissipated and that there is no accumulation of heat. This means that the panels are not prone to catching fire. The ACP composite panel cladding in Dubai is also made of materials that do not support combustion, such as polymers and plastics. This makes them highly resistant to flames, smoke and gases.


  • Excellent UV characteristics, retaining colour after extended exposure

When it comes to ACP cladding, the material’s excellent UV characteristics are a major benefit. The material will not fade when exposed to sunlight and can remain in good condition for many years. This means that you’ll be able to keep your home looking great for longer, without having to repaint or replace any parts of the building.


  • Extensive testing during production assures that the finished product will be able to withstand severe weather conditions.

The strength and durability of ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai is due to its manufacturing process which involves extensive testing during production. This guarantees that the materials resistance capability to severe weather conditions is optimum. The testing ensures that the panels can withstand different temperatures without losing their physical properties or shape.

Modes of Application of ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) cladding has been used by leading curtain wall companies in UAE for years now, and it is one of the most versatile materials on the market. ACP cladding provides designers with a wide range of design options, including:

  • Color: ACP cladding comes in many colors, allowing you to create unique finishes that can match your building’s design.
  • Finish: You can choose between smooth or textured finishes depending on your preference.
  • Glazing: ACP cladding offers excellent thermal insulation properties, which means you can use it as a glazing material for windows and doors.


ACP is made up of two or three layers – one being aluminum foil, the other being polyethylene core, and the third layer is a high performance fiberglass mat. The resulting material has a lightweight strength of 70% that of steel. This makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It’s also used in the following:

  • Signage/billboards
  • Canopies/roofs
  • Facades/exteriors

Order The Leading Material in the Construction Industry at Leading Curtain Wall Companies in UAE

From wide and varying span spaces, to the color varieties. ACP composite panels cladding in Dubai have become a popular choice for cladding and facades in the region. To begin with, Aluminum Composite Panels are corrosion resistant and exhibit durable, low-maintenance qualities. For these reasons and more, aluminum composite panels have grown to become a popular choice for reducing maintenance costs in residential and commercial settings by providing lasting resilience against salty climates, and high temperatures.


They are available in different colors as well, which can be used strategically to create more effective designs. Contact a specialist in Architectural Metal works Dubai like Galaxy Metal Industries LLC @ Call: +971 4 560 9200 or Email: to have custom made aluminium composite panels for quality cladding.